All our items can be purchased as blanks or personalised with your embroidered logo or artwork, We run the latest multi-head industrial embroidery machines to bring you high quality results at affordable prices.

Before your logo or artwork can be embroidered onto your garments, it has to be digitally edited and converted from an image file (supplied by you) to a special type of file (dependant on equipment and manufacturer) which includes specific machine-line data such as thread-colours, stitch-counts, stitch-patterns and so on.

We work with digitising files for embroidery each and every day. Therefore, we offer this service dependant on your individual requirements.


Only the digitised me is ready, It is loaded Into the embroidery machine on which the garment is already positioned and aligned. The fabric is kept tight to ensure even stitch penetration and minimal warping of the material. The artwork is then stitched using multiple or single heads and needles. Today’s sophisticated embroidery machines do most of the work such as changing thread colours as and when required. Our embroidery department will assure you a quick and quality embroidery service to complement your garments.


For all sales, enquiries and advice, email embroidery@sportexclothing.co.uk or call us on 01282 697666.