Glossary and Information

We’ve included some further information to help you better understand the technical terms used within the website, and further information regarding garment care and preservation Don’t hesitate to contact us for your bespoke requirements.

1. Breathable
Breathable fabric allows the passage of air and / or moisture between layers.

2. Combed Cotton
The yarn is combed at the spinning stage in order to draw out dead fibres.

3. Cuffed Sleeves
A fold or band at the bottom of a sleeve.

4. Double-Folded Seams
The seam edge is folded twice which seals and strengthens it better than a single fold.

5. Drop-Shoulder
A style of the /shoulder on a garment cut so that the seam is positioned on the upper arm.

6. Easy-Iron
To minimise creases and iron passes, a special finish is applied to the fabric.

7. Fitted Cut
A shaped fit both sleek and slim, designed to be comfortable under a jacket or overcoat.

8. Re-Active Dyed
A dye that reacts with the textile fiber to produce vivid and stable colouring.

9. Placket
An opening or slit in a garment, covering fastenings or for access to a pocket, or the flap of fabric under such an opening,

10. Taped-Back Neck
A special fabric tape is attached to the neck giving a smooth and comfortable spongy look.

11. Taped Side-Vents
Side slits are created to add flexibility to a garment’s fit.

12. Twin-Needle Stitching
A single thread is run through two needles for a more secure stitch.

13. Ribbed Sleeve
A reinforced band at the bottom of a sleeve.